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Lay down License Plate and Turn Signals

Img8.png     tail light 2.png 

This will allow you to have your rear license plate lay down along your fender and for you to be able to remove your rear moustache bar and signals. The signals will be mounted on the side of your plate. The signals in the picture are aftermarket just because I wanted something a little different. You can do this with your existing turn signals also. 


Step 1. Unbolt the moustache bar by removing the license plate. Then you will see where the license plate bracket bolts to. Remove this and set it aside. 

Step 2. You will need to unplug the wiring connections  and move them to the side.

Step 3. Remove the reflector mounting bracket, take off the reflectors and set it with the other bracket and bolts.

Step 4.   Carefully remove the lower moustache bar bolts so as not to scratch your paint. Remove the bar and set it in your extra parts bin, we won't need this any more.

Step 5. Take the license plate bracket and flip it over. This bracket will make your plate lay down quite far. Bolt it up and see if you like it. If you want it a little higher of the fender flip it back over. There will a way to keep it off the fender coming up.

Step 6. The reflector bracket will become your turn signal bracket, Abracadabra. The bracket will need it cut in two places. You will be cutting off the middle section that bends in. By doing this it will give you the ability to adjust where you want the blinkers. Use a hacksaw to make the cuts and file edges to remove ant rough edges.

Step 7. Trial fit. Place the reflector brackets on each side of the license bracket that is already mounted to the fender. You will be using the bolts held your license plate to the bracket to secure these to the license bracket. You need to check that they don't hit your fender.and get a feel of what it will look like.

This part depends on whether you want to keep your existing lights or not. If you are going with new light skip to Step 10

Step 8. Remove the existing turn signal from the moustache bar by removing the bolts at the edge of the signals. Remove them with the wiring intact and the rubber boot still inside th signal.

Step 9. You will need to go to your local hardware store and get 2 hollow lamp fittings like shown with 4 nuts that go with them. these will slide/screw into the rubber boots and need to stick out about 1/2 inch from the signals.imag0007.png imag0008.png imag0011.png

Step 10. You will notice that the reflector bracket has permanently attached bolts that help the reflectors on. You will want to cut the bracket right net to these unless you like them for some reason. I rounded the corners on this part and filed down the edges so they weren't sharp.

Step 11. Find the center of this side of the bracket because you will need to drill a 1/2 hole on each side to mount the lights to. Drill away.

Step 11a. Find the center of this side of the bracket because you will need to drill a hole on each side to mount the lights to. the size hole will depend on the lights you bought. Drill away You should paint the brackets to protect them and clean up the look some more.

Step 11b.  You will need to wrap the side of the lamp fitting that goes inside the turn signal several times with tape( friction,  electrical ,duct  tape, to thicken this part up some more. Slip the rubber boot over this section. and slide it in the housing. Tighten down the signal mounting bolts to secure it. Thread the first nut on to the fitting and place  the assembly through the side mount bracket. Thread the next bolt onto the fitting and tighten them down. Your signal should be very secure now, please double check this part as the wind will be pushing on these.

Step 12. Trial Run - mount the lights to the brackets and the brackets will then mount to the license frame inside the nubs on the license plate bracket. They should be able to slide back and forth for adjustment on how far out you want them to stick out from side to side.

imag0002.png imag0001.png

Step 13. Shorten the wires running to the signals and the brake light and use slip in bullet connectors so you can disconnect them later. The reason is to keep the extra wire sticking out as small as possible.  Don't forget to shrink wrap them. (Note: I took apart the existing plugs and re-attached the wires after shortening them because I liked the extra layer of protection. Also you may want to cover the wires in black so they don't show if someone looks under the plate. Yes people have done it and commented about it.)

Step 14. Mount the license plate bracket tightly. Place your license Plate and frame on with the bolts sticking through. Place the new turn signal brackets to the license frame and put the nuts on the bolts snug. Now you should be able to adjust the signals out to the distance you like. Once done tighten them up.

Step 15. All the wiring should be hidden underneath the plate and the plate should be sitting on your fender.

Step 16. Remove one of the rubber plugs on your cooling fins or something similar. This will go under the plate to hold it off the fender. Mine is right above the bracket so you can't see it but it hold the plate off the fender by just a hair.

Step 17. Step back and admire your new smaller rear end. If only it was this easy to lighten all rear ends huh?

Img8.png  tail light 2.png




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